Woah! Is Amr Diab Getting Married to Dina el-Sherbini?

Is Amr Diab marrying Dina el-Sherbini? (Instagram / tarekalarianofficial)

Is Amr Diab marrying Dina el-Sherbini? (Instagram / tarekalarianofficial)

A few things in life are certain. Death, iOS updates, Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbini are together. Okay wait, the latter may not be official but recent social media posts seem to basically prove that the celebrity couple are, indeed, together.

This game of speculations, OTPs and shipping started a while ago, and Diab releasing a song that may in fact was about El-Sherbini did not help the fans. But we’re in luck, because we don’t just have one, nor two but THREE posts that further strengthens our Amr-is-definitely-with-Dina theories. Check them out below.

Director Tarek Alarian posted an Instagram picture of himself with a few friends, and the not-official cute couple. His caption said nothing but “Stay tuned.” What does that mean? Are they finally announcing that they’re together? Are Amr and Dina getting married? So many questions!

Socialites Mostafa Hosny and Heba Serag Eldin were spotted with Amr and Dina at The Lemon Tree & Co. They could easily be friends, but we’re not buying that whatsoever!

Last but not least, Hosny posted a video of Diab looking surprised at The Lemon Tree & Co with a birthday cake. The caption for the post said, “Best Surprise From Dina El-sherbiny.” If this doesn’t prove that Amr and Dina are together, we don’t know what will. Who would go through all that trouble to make sure they surprise someone unless they were romantically involved?

WE SAID THIS: Amr and Dina are together, we rest our case. For real though, we really do hope they are!

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