Video: Karim El-Hayawan Finds the Art of Cairo

A man waves out the window. (Instagram / karimelhayawan)

A man waves out the window. (Instagram / karimelhayawan)

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Cairo Cacophony – 2017 from Karim El Hayawan on Vimeo.

Cairo is a very large, diverse and sophisticated city, where you can literally see art wherever you go. Egyptian street photographer, Karim El-Hayawan, gathered some of the city’s upcoming artists — from Menna Diaby to Reem Osama and much more —  to create a wonderful masterpiece that perfectly showcases the C-town: Cairo Cacophony.

“Cairo Cacophony is a video piece comprised of screens showing a number of images captured by El-Hayawan during his walks observing, dissecting and deconstructing the complexities of the ever-expanding urban metropolis,” the caption for the video says on Vimeo.

Cairo Cacophony – 2017 is a part of the Contemporary Arab Photography Biennale at the Institut Du Monde Arabe.

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